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  1. David at 2015-08-10T16:38:

    I am very impressed by your implementation of OpenBiblio. I am currently building a library for my wife’s classroom. How did you get book covers to show?

  2. thripp at 2015-09-26T00:17:

    Thank you, David!

    If I am remembering correctly, I did direct edits to the OpenBiblio PHP template files to implement the book covers and other features.

    It was easy to programmatically hotlink to the Amazon image files for some books. For others, I scanned the books and uploaded them to my server, and programmatically linked to them with a PHP variable for the filename, which was the record ID # in the OpenBiblio MySQL database. It was a bit tedious to scan items, of course.

    I grew tired of OpenBiblio’s byzantine code structure so I started making a new ILS in PHP called Bookley:

    However, then I lost interest 4 years ago and never did anything else with it.

    I would recommend looking at Library Thing for your wife’s library:

    Richard Thripp

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